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The Harvard professor makes the cover of Oprah's magazine.

Mar 27, 2006, Vol. 11, No. 26 • By THE SCRAPBOOK
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"Since March 1," he reports, "people who want to settle in the Netherlands are required to pass a preliminary exam at the Dutch embassy in their native country. This so-called 'integration test' includes a film which exposes the would-be immigrants to scenes of kissing homosexual men and topless women. The message is that 'If you can't tolerate gay lifestyle and public nudity, you can't come.'

"Citizens from EU member states and from Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan are exempt from the test. Fortunately this applies to the United States, too. Otherwise Americans--most of whom do not approve of the public display of depravity and nudity--would not be allowed to settle in the Netherlands. . . .

"Participants are obliged to buy the film (even if they find it offensive), as well as a CD ROM and a picture book. However, a censored version of the film, without the gay kissing scene and the female nudity, has been made for countries such as Iran, where the distribution of homosexual and nude material is illegal."

There are several possible morals to be drawn, but we'll mention a couple of special interest to foes of multiculturalism. One, if you do away with multiculturalism and insist on assimilation to the majority culture, defining what that culture is will be contentious. Two, be careful what you wish for.

We Are All Neoconservatives Now

"Mr. Bush was clearly seeking to manage expectations and answer a new group of critics--neoconservatives who have said that because Iraq is now liberated, it is up to the-Iraqis themselves to defend the country and piece together a government acceptable to all factions. Among them have been William F. Buckley Jr. . . . "

(David E. Sanger, the New York Times, March 14, 2006.)