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Illiberal Democracy on the Rise?

Recent events highlight the need for liberal institutions in the Middle East; here's how to promote them.

12:00 AM, Apr 20, 2006 • By DAVEED GARTENSTEIN-ROSS and NIR BOMS
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Finally, official U.S. rhetoric should be adjusted to take account of the broader goal of promoting a liberal democratic culture. Official pronouncements shouldn't focus exclusively on elections. Rather, liberal institutions should be at the forefront of what representatives of the United States say on the world stage.

Ultimately, there is no magic bullet that can transform the Middle East's political culture with a single shot. But by taking concrete steps toward a viable long-term goal, we can give ourselves--and the citizens of the Middle East--the greatest chance of success.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross is a counterterrorism consultant and attorney. Nir Boms is vice president of the Center for Freedom in the Middle East.