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Religion Without Foundations

The split in the mainline denominations is about more than politics.

12:00 AM, Jul 26, 2006 • By JIM TONKOWICH
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In a speech given in 1898, Dutch theologian, pastor, politician, and professor Abraham Kuyper diagnosed modern problem with understanding the nature of truth: "Everyone who thinks he can abandon the Christian truths, and do away with the Catechism of Reformation, lends ear unawares to the hypotheses of the modern world-view and, without knowing how far he has drifted already, swears by the Catechism of Rousseau and Darwin."

Having abandoned a Christian epistemology and, thus, Christian truths, the mainline/old-line denominations will continue their inexorable drift to the sideline. The current breakdown in the Episcopal church is the natural result of this crisis in authority and truth. The results will be a liberal vestige with lovely buildings and lots of endowment money, but few people.

Left and right represent radically different understanding of faith and truth. It's the difference between "Making It Up As I Go" and "Thus saith the Lord."

Jim Tonkowich is president of the Institute on Religion & Democracy.