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What SoaP has in commmon with the liberal netroots.

12:00 AM, Aug 25, 2006 • By LOUIS WITTIG
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Of course there are differences: the left-wing blogosphere is sincere, the SoaP blogosphere was mostly just having fun with a goof. The same process is at work though, and both produce the same, melancholy and defiant responses when reality, in the form of polls or box office receipts, illustrates just how out of synch they are.

In that same ABC interview, Moulitsas defended the apparent inefficacy of the left-wing blogosphere in getting Democrats elected by saying that its goal all along had not been to win, but to make Republicans play defense. Thus, when Tom DeLay won his 2004 race, it was still a victory for the blogosphere's attempt to build buzz for his opponent, because DeLay didn't win by as much as he might have.

After the opening weekend numbers came out, a disappointed SoaP fan wrote on one blog, "I say this to all the naysayers out there . . . if it weren't for all the fan hype, would this movie . . . even [have been] made?"

Louis Wittig is a media writer in New York.