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It was bad, but not that bad.

11:00 PM, Nov 16, 2006 • By WHITNEY BLAKE
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Values voters swing right, but not all the time. According to exit polls, voters who considered value issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion to be "extremely important" represented the largest group that supported Republicans over Democrats (by a margin of 18 percent). However, compared with 2004, Democrats did make modest inroads (single digits, between 4-8 points) among Protestants, born-again Christians, and weekly churchgoers, which could have made a difference in some races. When asked a question about the role of faith in the election, Dean discussed the party's efforts to appeal to the so-called values voters through concentrated ad campaigns on Christian radio and by recruiting socially conservative candidates. Some conservative, pro-life Democrats did win, such as Bob Casey, Brad Ellsworth, and Heath Shuler.

So, was this election a thumping? From a broad view, yes. On a microcosmic level, no; Bush was right. But you don't get a prize for almost coming in first.

Whitney Blake is an editorial assistant at THE WEEKLY STANDARD.