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Web 2.0 at the Super Bowl

And 2007 won't be like 1984.

11:00 PM, Feb 1, 2007 • By ANDREW KEEN
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Amateur content on user-generated video sites such as Google's YouTube is undermining the value of professionally-made video content. American Idol now has an online competition called "American Idol Underground," which is making the traditional music A&R person redundant. HarperCollins is undermining the traditional role of literary agents by running online competitions to "discover" amateur writers. The result of all this democratization of media is fewer creative jobs and more amateurish books, movies, and music. And commercials, too.

Andrew Keen is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur and digital media critic. His book, THE CULT OF THE AMATEUR: How the democratization of the digital world is assaulting our economy, our culture, and our values, will be published by Currency in June. He blogs at and has recently launched, a podcast chat show about media, culture, and technology.