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'The Central Front'

"Actually there is a city of 7 million in which life goes on..."

May 7, 2007, Vol. 12, No. 32 • By GEN. DAVID PETRAEUS, FOR THE EDITORS
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I think you have to be realistic and acknowledge there is going to be a continuation of some level of sensational attacks. . . . To prevent those, you know, the Iraqi and coalition forces have to protect everything and [the extremists] only have to attack one thing, some of that is going to happen. . . . We feel [there has been] incremental progress; it's very difficult to demonstrate. . . . It means nothing happened, in most cases. In other words, there were not sectarian murders. . . . You know, all of this is actually so foreign, I think, in the minds of most people, who see the news and of course do see that day's explosion or something like that. And actually there is a city of 7 million in which life goes on, and again, citizens are determined to carry on with their life.

--Gen. David Petraeus, for the Editors