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An easy decision looms.

10:53 AM, Feb 6, 2008 • By DEAN BARNETT
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As usual, Hanson's analysis is spot on. McCain's critics on the right don't trust him. There's nothing that McCain can say or do in the next nine months that will make them trust him. A John McCain guarantee not to raise taxes will always be greeted with derisive grins in many corners. And there's nothing the senator can do to change that dynamic.

McCain's situation is somewhat similar to 1996 nominee Bob Dole's predicament. Dole never fired up conservatives, and everyone considered enthusiastic conservative support a must in the three way race that loomed. So Dole proposed the most sweeping and comprehensive tax cut package in the nation's history. And yet conservatives remained relatively indifferent to the Dole campaign, partly because few of them actually believed that President Bob Dole would be the biggest tax-cutter ever.

John McCain is who he is. John McCain also pretty much sewed up the nomination last night. He won it fair and square. Now conservatives have to decide whether he's preferable to the neo-McGovernism that's likely to emerge from the Democratic party. At a time of war, it should be an easy decision.

Dean Barnett is a staff writer at THE WEEKLY STANDARD.