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Return of the Mommy Wars

Democrats v. Palin

12:00 AM, Sep 12, 2008 • By HENRY PAYNE
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McMorris Rodgers is echoed in her disgust with Democratic tactics by other members of a bipartisan House Down Syndrome Caucus. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D- Washington D.C) says that "no decisions are more individual and tailored to specific families than decisions regarding our children.Those who offer criticism or advice to Gov. Palin are both invading her privacy, and speaking without knowledge of her family or family support system."

WomenCount, a group formed this year to support Hillary Clinton and that has not yet endorsed Obama, also weighed in on the issue. "The very notion that Sarah Palin should not have accepted this nomination because she is a mother with demanding challenges underscores just how far we have to go," said a spokesperson.

In their zeal to destroy Sarah Palin, Obama's allies may have done permanent damage to his campaign for the independent women's vote.

Henry Payne is a freelance writer and an editorial cartoonist at the Detroit News.