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Forgive Me Not

McCain does not owe the press an apology.

2:35 PM, Sep 12, 2008 • By NOEMIE EMERY
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Howard Fineman in Newsweek sounded an even more ominous note. "You can't make up how bad things are going for McCain," he intoned on July 22. "As Barack Obama embarks on his global coronation tour, it's hard to imagine things looking bleaker for his Republican rival. . . . He forgets there's a country named Iran between Iraq and Pakistan. . . . Maybe nothing he says really matters right now." Clarence Page, who styled himself one of McCain's "longtime defenders," kvelled over Obama's world conquest. "And where were you, Senator? While Obama spoke to hundreds of thousands in Berlin, you were doing a meet-and-greet with a few dozen in a German restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. Whose bright idea was that?"

"McCain better watch out," Fineman said soberly. "The only thing worse than the media ignoring you and lionizing your opponent is the media pitying you and painting you as pathetic," he warned. And who might do such a thing? Well, maybe Joe Klein. "Some will say this behavior raises questions about his age," he said of McCain's imagined eclipse by Obama's junior year abroad trip to Berlin. "I'll leave those to gerontologists." Gerontologists? You stay classy, Joe. And for that apology, don't hold your breath.

Noemie Emery is a contributing editor to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.