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Surreal Faith

The dangerous world of a left-wing fundamentalist.

Dec 22, 2008, Vol. 14, No. 14 • By MARK TOOLEY
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In Jesus for President Claiborne wants Christians to disavow their country and all civil governance in favor of exclusive allegiance to a nonviolent Jesus whose chief mission is resisting "empire." But Claiborne's interpretation of Jesus, his few selective quotations from early church fathers notwithstanding, is largely divorced from the universal church's understanding of the Savior. Instead, Claiborne insists on a narrowly reinterpreted Jesus as distilled by Yoder and several others in 20th-century America for whom Jesus is more social critic than Resurrected Redeemer.

Not many Christians are likely to "vote" for this redefined Jesus.

Mark Tooley directs the United Methodist committee at the Institute on Religion and Democracy.