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Motherhood Is Powerful

Cathy McMorris Rodgers is a rarity: a pro-life female member of the House.

Apr 27, 2009, Vol. 14, No. 30 • By KEVIN VANCE
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Dannenfelser thinks McMorris Rodgers possesses a special authority when she talks about issues relating to the innate worth of human beings. "The facts are the facts. Somehow, the presenter of the facts in certain debates sometimes matters more than the facts themselves," she said. "For her to say human beings aren't all about utility, she speaks with authority, because she's living it."

As for McMorris Rodgers, her strategy going forward is to focus on reminding people of the value that every person has. "I've long thought that we need to reach people's hearts on this issue," she said, pointing to the effect ultrasound technology has had on parents, who now can see their children before they're born. "I think that's having an impact on society and that people are asking themselves the question, when does life begin?"

Kevin Vance is an editorial assistant and Collegiate Network fellow at THE WEEKLY STANDARD.