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How embarrassing can the 'coverage' get?

Jun 22, 2009, Vol. 14, No. 38 • By ANDREW FERGUSON
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It's too early to say whether things are turning out the way Obama and his friends hoped they would. Some predictions already seem a little off. Nesbitt once asked the potential candidate what the response of the Washington establishment--"incumbent politicians"--would be if he were elected.

"Obama savored the thought. 'Well, they'd be quaking in their boots.' "

From what I can tell, most of those incumbent politicians seem remarkably at peace. They seem very happy, in fact--if not quite as happy as Richard Wolffe, Evan Thomas, and other scribes of the court. Whether their Obama rapture lasts depends (as we've seen in Bush's case) on the polls and on perceptions of Obama's success. It could go either way.

Richard Wolffe won't be writing about it in any case, at least not regularly, at least not in Newsweek. Since the campaign he's left the magazine and joined a public relations firm. From hack to flack--in Washington it's never so long a leap.

Andrew Ferguson, a senior editor at THE WEEKLY STANDARD, is the author, most recently, of Land of Lincoln: Adventures in Abe's America.