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Averting a Tiresome Trade War

Who's driving President Obama's trade policy?

12:00 AM, Sep 1, 2009 • By NEENA SHENAI
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Just one week after he is required to make his decision in this China safeguard case (although it is rumored he may do so before), President Obama will meet with world leaders, including Chinese President Hu Jintao, at the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh. Perhaps the president will find a compromise--pacifying the USW but choosing a less market-distortionary remedy such as a quota or the like. Whatever happens, one need only recall that Pittsburgh is also home to the USW and promises are promises. But, whose promise will President Obama choose to keep--to the USW or the American people? The only correct answer is obvious.

Neena Shenai is an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. She was formerly a senior advisor in the Bureau of Industry and Security at the U.S. Department of Commerce.