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One Afghan, One Vote

The U.S. ignores election fraud in Afghanistan at its own peril.

3:00 PM, Sep 22, 2009 • By RICHARD WILLIAMSON
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For sustainable stability, a prerequisite for progress, Afghanistan needs the rule of law. To sanction the trespass of the rule of law by embracing fraudulent election results will betray Afghanis, encourage rule by patronage and power, and diminish American's influence. To deny democracy we have promised and promoted will reaffirm allocation of power by ethnicity, division and lawlessness; the very patterns that must be broken if stability is to be achieved and progress is to be realized. We must keep faith with the hopes and courage of brave Afghanis such as those I saw and listened to on election day.
President Obama should speak out forcibly against election irregularities, as the Europeans already have done. He should demand a transparent adjudication of election complaints. If the election is deemed fatally flawed by material fraud, President Obama should support a new vote. By standing for the rule of law we will stand up for the Afghan people.

Ambassador Richard Williamson most recently served as President Bush's Special Envoy to Sudan.