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Obamacare's Ugly Math

The Senate's $2.5 trillion bill will create higher taxes and higher premiums with little return.

7:00 PM, Dec 3, 2009 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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As the football season hits its apex, the Democrats are salivating at the thought of building a new $2.5 trillion stadium in which to play. But when it comes to lowering costs, their offense has been shut out and has yielded a safety to the defense. When it comes to increasing insurance coverage, it has at best picked up a couple of first downs. And when it comes to maintaining the high quality of care, it has looked decidedly shaky and turnover-prone.

No wonder the American people are increasingly calling for the high-priced backfield of Reid, Pelosi, and Obama to be benched -- along with many of their lesser-known teammates. When it comes to ObamaCare, it's time for the Democrats to punt.

Jeffrey H. Anderson, the director of the Benjamin Rush Society, was the senior speechwriter for Secretary Mike Leavitt at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.