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Al Qaeda's Trojan Horse

Will the failed Christmas Day terror plot finally expose a former Gitmo detainee living in the UK for the jihadist that he is?

11:00 PM, Dec 30, 2009 • By THOMAS JOSCELYN
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Another of the speakers invited to give a presentation during "War on Terror Week" was Moazzam Begg himself. According to the Daily Mail (UK), "A poster advertising the week carried the name Umar Farook and includes events featuring former British Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg entitled Bring Our Boys Home." The "Umar Farook" in question is the same student-turned-bomber who almost got away with mass murder on December 25. Copies of the poster (which also lists Qureshi as a speaker) can be found online.

You can also still read Abdulmutallab's announcement for "War on Terror Week," which trumpets Begg's appearance as well as that of other speakers (including the far-left, tyrant coddling MP George Galloway, who reportedly denies speaking at the event) on an online Islamic forum. The handle of the poster on this forum, "Farouk1986," is the one that Abdulmutallab reportedly used regularly. Indeed, this is probably one of the web postings that the Telegraph (UK) had in mind when it reported that Abdulmutallab "made postings referring to a visit to UCL by the former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg."

Up until the last day or two, an online advertisement for the Islamic Society's "War on Terror Week" was still publicly available on You Tube. That video is now listed as "private," but before it was obscured from public view you could see what Abdulmutallab's event was all about. Reenactments of Gitmo detainees in orange jumpsuits being harangued by American soldiers at Camp X-Ray during the first weeks of Gitmo were spliced together with a video montage of Begg, Qureshi, and other speakers.

The image that was conveyed in the video was deliberately misleading--and intended to portray American soldiers in the worst possible light, while making the detainees appear to be innocent lambs. The primitive Camp X-Ray was only operational for four months in 2002 and has been replaced by multi-million dollar facilities. Long gone, too, are the orange jumpsuits. But the far left and jihadists love the images of Gitmo detainees in that garb because it makes them appear to be innocent victims abused by a ruthless and depraved America. That's why Abdulmutallab's organization, and Begg, use them.

It is not clear what Begg said when it was his turn to speak at Abdulmutallab's conference. A cursory search does not produce any online footage or transcripts of his talk. But it is likely that Begg went through his usual routine, claiming that he was an innocent who was wrongly detained and "tortured" by America.

Begg's story is a complete fabrication.

Begg has claimed that not only did the military and CIA personnel abuse him, but also FBI agents. The Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigated Begg's claim that the FBI forced him to sign a single-spaced eight page confession indicating, "among other things, that Begg sympathized with the cause of al Qaeda, attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, Pakistan and England so that he could assist in waging global jihad against enemies of Islam, including Russia and India; associated with and assisted several prominent terrorists and supporters of terrorists and discussed potential terrorist acts with them; recruited young operatives for the global jihad; and provided financial support for terrorist training camps."