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Male 74%
Female 26%
Mean Age 60
College Degree or more 86%
Post Graduate Study or Degree 51%
Chief Executive Officer 27%
Senior Management [C Suite] 42%
Professional/Managerial 86%
Mean HHI $284,000
Net worth $2 million+ 43%
Net worth average $2.67 million
$1 million to $1.99 million 41%
$2 million to $2.99 million 24%
$3 million+ 18%
Contacted elected official 56%
Donated to a political campaign 74%
Took active role in civic issue 25%
Active for political candidate 16%
Served on charitable board 24%
Wrote or emailed a newspaper or magazine 27%
Annual amount donated to charity $1 Billion+
Keeps me informed on issues
important to me
Influences my opinions about political and economic issues 90%
Provides information available from no other source 90%
Read 3 out of 4 issues 80%
Time spent reading each issue 1.8 hours
Subscriber 5 years+ 76%
Readers with pass-along (2.1 per copy) 218,400