The Weekly Standard

…one of the most influential publications in Washington.
New York Times
The Weekly not merely a wry observer of the political scene. From time to time it plays a direct part in Republican politics.
The Economist
The Weekly Standard, by all odds is the capital’s most influential journal of opinion.
Vanity Fair
Observers from both sides of the debate acknowledge that TWS has been setting the agenda.
New York Times
The magazine [TWS] speaks directly to and for power. Reader for reader, it may be the most influential publication in America.
Eric Alterman, columnist for The Nation
The Weekly Standard is hugely influential in policy making, much more so than any other magazine.
David Plotz, the Washington bureau chief of Slate
The preeminent political journal in America.
…lively political and cultural theorists with significant credentials. The Weekly Standard distinguished itself by replacing some of the inherent defensiveness and indignation of conservative discourse with humor and nuance. The formula is reaching beyond the choir of people who worship The National Review.
New York Times
TWS is the most important conservative magazine in the country.
David Brooks, NYTimes
TWS editors know Washington, know politics and have demonstrated a rare capacity for… sensible argument and analysis.
David Brooks, The Washington Post
If you want to know what’s on the minds of the administration and Congress, then read The Weekly Standard.
VP, Washington, DC lobbying firm
…late in the summer of 2009, Gates changed his mind. He was reading a lot of articles on Afghanistan, and one had particular resonance: a piece... published that August by The Weekly Standard. Gates said the article reminded him of some facts about the earlier war that he had forgotten.
Foreign Policy
The influence of The Weekly Standard runs all the way to the top of the U.S. government.
…presents specific policy objectives to Washington elites.
Rightweb - Institute for Policy Studies
The patriarch of the conservative camp within the Republican party, Mr. Kristol is one of the leading voices on the right...
We recommend TWS to our clients because it reaches an opinion leader audience.
Gerry Gunster, VP, GCSA
Washington’s opinion leaders are reading The Weekly Standard.
PR Week
The Weekly Standard is the oracle of American politics.
Wolf Blitzer, CNN
The Weekly Standard has become a forceful presence in the world of political opinion.
The National Journal
I read every day.
Sen. John Cornyn, (R-TX)
William Kristol is... A captivating writer and a keen observer of the political landscape...
The New York Times
The Weekly Standard...the nation's most influential conservative magazine
[William] Kristol continues to exert tremendous influence from the comfort of...his editor's chair.
The magazines I subscribe to are National Journal, Newsweek, The Weekly Standard, New Yorker, Time, Vanity Fair and The Economist...
Andrea Mitchell, Chief White House Correspondent NBC News