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The magazine speaks directly to and for power. Reader for reader, it may be the most
influential publication in America.
The Nation’s Eric Alterman quoted in The New York Times
  • Remarkable Loyalty — more than two-thirds of our readers have read TWS ten years or more
  • Commitment to Quality — even those readers of different political views recognize our commitment to quality of writing in print and online
  • Relevant Content — independent research affirms readers embrace the breadth and depth of topics covered in The Weekly Standard
  • Growing Audience — print circulation is over 100,000 [225,000 with pass-along] and 2.1 million unique online visitors monthly.
  • Highly Engaged and Trusted — readers spend almost two hours a week reading The Weekly Standard, their first choice for being informed on politics and analysis
  • Affluence — above average household income and net worth
  • Influence The Weekly Standard influences the influencers, creating an ongoing dialogue with your constituents
  • Added ExposureThe Weekly Standard writers appear regularly at events, and on radio and television
  • Productive Partner — multiplatform; numerous channels to connect with our community of readers
  • EffectiveThe Weekly Standard delivers a desirable audience of political and business influencers