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Christie: Ted Cruz Made America Less Safe By Voting Against NSA

08:14 AM, Dec 01, 2015
Another candidate is getting into the Marco Rubio-Ted Cruz feud over the NSA metadata program. Chris Christie was asked about Ted Cruz's vote to abolish the program in an interview this morning on MSNBC. The MSNBC host asked, "Is Ted Cruz's position, and Rand Paul's... Read more

Female Genital Mutilation Reportedly Imposed by ISIS

07:46 AM, Dec 01, 2015
On October 11, the London Independent newspaper revived charges first made last year, by United Nations officials in Iraq, that the Islamic State (ISIS) has called for female genital mutilation (FGM) to be forced on women and girls living in the city of Mosul. ISIS seized Mosul in... Read more

Israel Invests in Desalinization; California Builds High-Speed Rail

07:46 AM, Dec 01, 2015
California is reeling from a drought, rather like the one suffered by Israel in 1998-2002. California, with an 840-mile coastline on the world's largest ocean, has a water shortage; Israel, with a mere 170-mile coast line, does not. Israel invests in desalinization; California is... Read more

Hillary Office Sought Concussion Advice from NFL Commissioner

04:33 PM, Nov 30, 2015
A newly released email between Hillary Clinton and Philippe Reines, Reines notes he sought NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's advice, with regard to Clinton's concussion. Reines later clarifies he didn't mean with regard to her health, but instead, with regard to rumors about her deteriorating... Read more

College Football Playoff: Oklahoma, the Big Ten Champ, and…?

09:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
With the conference championship games all set for this coming weekend, we are now down to eight teams vying for four playoff spots. The Big 12 champion, Oklahoma (#3 in the Anderson & Hester Rankings ), will all but certainly be one of those four teams. (The Big 12 has no conference... Read more

Mattis on Preparing for War

01:52 PM, Nov 30, 2015
Retired general James Mattis of the U.S. Marine Corps recently spoke with Military History about lessons learned from his 41-year career. Here's an excerpt: How did the Marine Corps prepare you for warfare? The Corps made very clear that I was responsible for my own... Read more

Obama, Republicans Set for Climate Showdown

12:28 PM, Nov 30, 2015
Congressional Republicans plan to fight back this week against new regulations from the Obama administration's Environmental Protection Agency. The House of Representatives will take up measures against the rules as President Obama attends a global climate-change summit in Paris.... Read more

Obama Aligns Himself With China to Fight Climate Change

12:28 PM, Nov 30, 2015
President Obama is in Paris for a conference on climate change. Today he met with the leader of China, President Xi Jinping, and discussed the importance of the U.S.-China relationship in regards to fighting climate change. "As the two largest economies in the world and the two largest... Read more

Kristol Clear #89

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
Time for a Poll! The GOP presidential race has gone too long without guidance from TWS readers, and God knows it needs it's time for a survey. The usual directions: Indicate your first, second and third choices for the Republican presidential... Read more

Her New Life

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
C olm Tóibín did something interesting and unusual when he wrote his novel Brooklyn , which was published in 2009. He chose to tell an immigration story about an Irish girl just out of her teens who has no particular desire to go to America, no particular drive once she arrives in America, and... Read more

Unspeakable Kerry

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
Speaking in Paris on November 17, Secretary of State John Kerry made what are already infamous comments about the fight against terrorists and terrorism. He spoke to the staff and families of the U.S. embassy in Paris, and his remarks deserve quoting at some length—because they display a deep... Read more

Paris Letter

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
I n the confusion and horror of Paris in shock, the details stay with you. In the bleary early Saturday morning, behind the police barriers, a lone tour bus was still parked on Boulevard Voltaire in front of the Bataclan concert hall, where the Eagles of Death Metal gig had been bloodily... Read more

The Deal and the War

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
In July the Obama administration and its European and Russian partners met with Iran in Vienna to sign the so-called nuclear deal. The general idea was to at least delay nuclear proliferation in an already volatile part of the world. No doubt the White House was hoping for much more—that the... Read more

The Fairness Doctrine

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
Having a decidedly anti-romantic view of college, I find myself not entirely opposed to the student radicals besieging campuses across the country. Once upon a time, universities transmitted knowledge and formed the minds and characters of young adults. But that ended long before I arrived at... Read more

Liberal Sanctimony

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
It would be an interesting exercise to trace the history of the word sanctimony. In its original derivation from the Latin sanctimonia, it seems to have had the straightforward sense of sanctity or sacredness. But centuries ago, it took on its current meaning—of pretended or affected or... Read more

Herbert the Red

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
J.   Edgar Hoover may have called Herbert Aptheker “the most dangerous Communist in the United States” in 1965, but an attentive reader of Gary Murrell’s interesting but very flawed biography will come away with a picture of an ideological fanatic who squandered his talents as a... Read more

Wizard of Princeton

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
T his is an unusual biography of a highly unusual man, the prodigiously gifted mathematician and professional eccentric John Horton Conway—creative scientist, teacher, showman, and cult figure. His third ex-wife told the author, Siobhan Roberts, that he was both “the most interesting person I... Read more

Up, Down, and Around

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
F or over half a century, Harry Truman has been put forth as the paragon of presidential support for Israel. Presidents are routinely measured against the Truman standard, and under the right circumstances, they can gain the moniker “the most pro-Israel since Truman.” This informal list of... Read more

Imperial Vision

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
Atlanta T he year is 1781 and a swarm of ordinary citizens have been admitted, free of charge, to see for themselves the imperial art collection in the Upper Belvedere Palace of Vienna. Never before in Europe has a great collection been opened up in this democratic way. The entree comes by... Read more


12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
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Fecal Freak-Out

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
N o round-up of campus lunacy this week would be complete without a mention of the farcical incident at Vanderbilt University. It was described so well by our colleague Michael Warren at (which you should visit often!) that The Scrapook is simply going to reprint his... Read more

European Insecurity

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
If Europe doesn’t get serious about protecting its borders, it’s going to head back to the days of barbed wire and concrete walls. That’s what President François Hollande warned when he went before a rare joint sitting of France’s National Assembly and Senate to argue for an extended three-month... Read more

The Long War Continues

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
I n many ways, the reaction to the horrific attacks in Paris has been familiar. There were the expressions of solidarity: flowers at French embassies; social media avatars changed from silly selfies to photos of the French flag snapping defiantly in the wind; buildings across the Western world... Read more

Wilson’s Progeny

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
F inally there’s a protest by campus radicals The Scrapbook can sympathize with. Students at Princeton want to remove the name of the school’s most famous alumnus, President Woodrow Wilson, most notably from the university’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs.... Read more

‘Nuanced’ and ‘Symbolic’ Protests

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
R eaders are no doubt aware of the spreading contagion of public demonstrations—largely under the rubric of “Black Lives Matter”—that has agitated campuses from coast to coast. Thanks to modern electronic technology, the spectacle of a Yale college master being cursed to his face (“Who the f—... Read more

Defending a Civilization

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
A fter the astonishing German break through the French lines in May 1940, Winston Churchill flew to Paris to meet his French counterpart, Prime Minister Paul Reynaud, and army chief Maurice Gamelin. Reynaud had called Churchill in near-hysterics, but even Churchill wasn’t prepared for the... Read more

The Mumbai Parallels

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
F or those of us who were in Mumbai during the 2008 terrorist attacks there, the bulletins from Paris on Friday night evoked queasy déjà vu. With each shocking addition to the story—drive-by shootings at one crowded restaurant and then another, explosions reported at the other end of town,... Read more

His Greatest Weakness is His Greatest Strength

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
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Killing the Golden Goose

12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2015
U nder three different CEOs, Walmart has done all kinds of somersaults to appease left-wing critics. In 2005, Lee Scott set goals of “zero waste” and “100 percent” conversion to renewable energy. In 2009, Mike Duke, the next CEO, took on Obamacare—as an outspoken supporter of the unpopular... Read more

Kristol: 'I Have Come to Loathe Donald Trump'

11:59 AM, Nov 29, 2015
Bill Kristol joined the roundtable on ABC's This Week  Sunday to discuss the 2016 election and Republican primary. Watch the video of the panel below:  Read more