One hundred times since President Obama signed Obamacare into law in March 2010, Rasmussen Reports has asked likely voters whether they want to repeal Obama’s centerpiece legislation or keep it. In all 100 polls, voters have favored repeal.

For38 consecutive pollsand counting — dating back to the spring of 2011 — the margin in favor of repeal has always been in the double-digits. Overall (across all 100 polls), likely voters have favored repeal by an average margin of 16 percentage points — 55 to 39 percent. That’s just shy of the 18-point margins by which FDR beat Herbert Hoover and Ronald Reagan beat Walter Mondale.

There is no way that a president whose signature legislation is this overwhelmingly unpopular should be able to get reelected. Essentially all that remains to seal Obama’s fate is for Mitt Romney and the Republican party to realize thatthe issue of 2012isn’t the economy. It’s Obamacare.

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