Senator John McCain today:
I would hope that the sacrifice made by young Americans would not be used for political reasons…. I still believe they have sacrificed in a noble cause, and I believe that they and their family members, the majority of them, believe so as well…. But to somehow use the tragic loss of…brave young American[s] as a way to criticize the conduct of the war, I would hope they [critics] would find a more appropriate vehicle. (Congressional Quarterly transcripts)'s fundraising pitch today:

Political Action "How Many More?" TV Ad Today, we received grim news: 2000 American soldiers have now died in Iraq. Their caskets have been hidden from view, and the news of their deaths has receded to the back pages. But the men and women who died in recent days were no less brave or less honorable than those who died in the first days of the war. It's time for us to honor them-to remind the public that they're dying every day in the quagmire of Iraq-and ask, "How many more?" Can you help put this ad on the air? You can also donate by check.

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