The latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows that independents overwhelmingly support the repeal of Obamacare — by 18 percentage points (55 to 37 percent) — which once again raises this question: How can an incumbent president hope to win reelection when his centerpiece legislation is this unpopular with swing voters?

The poll also shows that independents think repealing Obamacare would be good, rather than bad, for the economy — by the eye-opening margin of 30 points (50 to 20 percent). At the same time, by a 16-point margin (51 to 35 percent), they think Obamacare would be bad, rather than good, for the country.

Moreover, as I argue here, Obamacare is the principal symbol of Obama’s out-of-touch liberalism in the eyes of independent voters. In other words, the more they are reminded of it, the less moderate he seems.

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