European officials are stepping up counter terrorism measures following threats against Denmark, Norway and France. EU member states have strengthened security following the reputed risk of jihadists arriving through Turkey. Le Monde reports that radical Islamists are threatening to carry out a "mission" in Europe following the publication of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. The publication of cartoons showing the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper sparked violent protest in the Muslim world last February. Several attacks were directed against EU missions - particularly against Danish representations in the Middle East. The French newspaper says that internet videos of Mohamed Hassan who recently escaped from an American jail in Afghanistan, calls for terrorists to attack Denmark, Norway and France. The threats follow April's televised message by Osama Bin Ladin, a primary founder of the al-Qaeda movement, in which he calls for a boycott against any states that backed Denmark during the cartoon controversy. In the same video, Bin Laden also criticized French relations with its domestic Muslim community.
Speaking of Europe, has any reporter asked Secretary Rumsfeld or White House Press Secretary Snow to comment on Saddam's apparent "preparations for 'Blessed July,' a regime-directed wave of 'martyrdom' operations against targets in the West [that] were well under way at the time of the coalition invasion"?
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