During this morning's Armed Services confirmation hearing, Sen. McCain asked Lt. Gen. Petraeus is if he can implement his new plan in Iraq without more troops? Petraeus answered: "No sir." McCain also asked if it would be helpful to the general for the Senate to pass an anti-surge resolution. Petraeus responded that it would not be "beneficial." Sen. Lieberman asked Petraeus what impact he believed such a Senate resolution would have on our enemies in Iraq. The general said that we are engaged in a "test of wills" with out enemies and that he'd like "the enemy to feel there's no hope." Lieberman went on to ask Petraeus whether he believes passage of an anti-surge resolution would convey to our enemy a lack of unity here in Washington. "That's correct, sir," said Petraeus. Lieberman continued:
I fear that a resolution of disapproval will send you over there with us saying you're a good and great General but we don't agree with what you believe we need to do in Iraq. And so, I want to appeal to my colleagues and consider with regard to the resolution of disapproval or the caps on troops or the cut off of funds to step back for a moment and give you a chance and the 160,000 American soldiers you will be commanding, a chance, perhaps a last chance, to succeed in Iraq. If, God forbid, you are unable to succeed, then there will be plenty of time for the resolutions of disapproval, or the other alternatives that have been contemplated.
Sen. Kennedy told Petraeus he had "every intention of voting" for the general's confirmation. But the senator also plans to lead the charge on the Senate floor in passing resolutions against deploying the troops the general says he needs to accomplish his mission - something I discussed here a few days ago. Just a thought, but Sen. Lieberman and his colleagues should consider introducing a resolution citing many of the remarks of Lt. Gen. Petraeus and comparing his remarks to the language in the anti-surge resolutions pinging around the Senate.
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