Fantastic and profane parody of the correspondence between John Edwards and Amanda Marcotte, editor of Pandagon and a member of the Edwards '08 campaign team. Here's a sample:
To: Senator John Edwards

From: Amanda Marcotte

Re: Focus Group
Dear Senator Edwards:
To help you hone your campaign message for the online community, I organized an impromptu focus group of top progressive bloggers for tomorrow night at the Raleigh Airport Hilton. This group will include political analyst Jeremy Lacewell of Die Mother****ing ZioNazi NeoCon Mother****ers Die, feminist Kiersten Lomax of Hands Off My C**t, and recent immigrant blogger Mohammed al-Aziz of I Intend To Detonate a Nuclear Weapon in St. Louis.
This event will help you get acquainted with online mainstream progressives, discuss the issues important to them, and come up with a strategy for countering the insane Xtian Jesusist lynchmobs. We will be serving lacto-vegetarian snacks and Ecstasy to help facilitate a free-wheeling discussion.
Hope you can make it!!!
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