Highlighting how crucial it is that the eventual Republican presidential nominee be able and willing to put Obamacare front and center in the general election campaign, the latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows that independents overwhelmingly support the repeal of President Obama’s signature legislation. By a margin of 19 percentage points (57 to 38 percent), independents favor Obamacare’s repeal. Among independents who really care (either way), the margin is even more overwhelming — with 42 percent of independents “strongly” supporting repeal and only 16 percent “strongly” opposing it.

Especially in light of the high-profile controversy pitting Obamacare versus Catholic organizations (and other businesses and civil associations that don’t share the Obama administration’s worldview), it would be hard to imagine a more winning or essential issue for Republicans to advance. The Obama administration has recently decreed that, under Obamacare, all new private health plans, even those offered by religiously affiliated organizations (hospitals, schools, charities, and the like), will be required to provide free birth control and morning-after pills to their employees, including free coverage of the abortion pill ella. Such overt politicizing of medicine is wrong on at least seven levels.

If this aspect of Obamacare weren’t bad enough, Rasmussen shows that, by huge margins, Americans across the political spectrum think Obamacare would make the quality of American health care worse, rather than better (41 to 22 percent); would raise, rather than lower, health costs (50 to 19 percent); and would increase, rather than reduce, the deficit (51 to 14 percent).

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