Fox News Sunday : John McCain was the featured guest on Fox News Sunday , and the Arizona senator laid out his vision for a McCain presidency in one quick sentence: "Reform government, fight this Islamic extremist element that challenges the world, and restore integrity to government." While the Reaganite sound bites may have allayed the fears of some rank and file conservatives, they were probably not quite as happy when he said, "I would probably announce the closing of Guantanamo Bay, I would move those detainees to Fort Leavenworth, I would announce we will not torture anyone, I would announce that climate change is a big issue, because we've got some image problems in the world."

On the roundtable, Bill Kristol mocked George Tenet for his self-serving 60 Minutes interview. "It turns out that George Tenet, in addition to being a mediocre CIA director, is a cry baby. Can you believe that clip on 60 Minutes you showed? Oh, it's so disgusting that people are criticizing him, it's hurting his reputation. Give me a break!" Mara Liasson felt that the Democratic debate served little to no purpose, noting "I don't think the dynamic of this race was changed one iota. … Obama didn't hurt himself, Hillary came off just fine."

Meet the Press : On Meet the Press , Joe Biden was given a chance to show off his famed loquaciousness after being on his best behavior for the Democratic debate. Nothing particularly interesting was said, but if your Sunday feels incomplete without a (60 minute) cup of Joe, click here to check out the full show.This Week : Condoleezza Rice was the featured guest on This Week , taking on George Tenet and refusing to rule out a conflict with Iran. Russ Feingold and Sam Brownback also appeared. Feingold took the president to task for daring to disagree with the Democratic Congressional majority. "The American people want us to provide the funds that the president has asked for," Feingold said, "but they want us to end this war, and the only way to do that is to have some sort of approach, like the timeline in this bill." Brownback took issue with his colleague's plan, noting "This is assured defeat. Defeat will happen in America, not Iraq. That's not what the American people want." ABC's roundtable was just as dismissive of the Democratic debate as Fox's Mara Liasson. George Will remarked "These are not debates; they are parallel press conferences--and not even particularly good press conferences," while Fareed Zakaria felt "the whole spectacle was somewhat depressing for all of us as voters. The whole thing was so rehearsed, so planned, they say nothing of any interest, they don't take any risks." Face the Nation : Condi also showed up at Face the Nation , as did Democratic congressman John Murtha, who spoke of impeachment as "a way to influence a president." The Politico 's Roger Simon spoke to the wisdom of proceding with an effort to impeach the president:
I don't think the Democrats want this on the table. For one thing, do they really want Vice President Cheney to become President Cheney? I mean, is that their goal? Secondly, I think they want to fight an election campaign next year. I don't think they want to fight to impeach a president, to prove that he's actually committed high crimes and misdemeanors, to go through a trial in the Senate. I think they just want to win at the ballot box next November.
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