Over at NRO, THE WEEKLY STANDARD's own Steve Hayes goes on the record with Kathryn Jean Lopez on the topic of his new book, Cheney:The Untold Story of America's Most Powerful and Controversial Vice President. Here's a sample:
Lopez: Dick Cheney was an ardent Rumsfeld loyalist. Was that all loyalty to a guy who brought him along in the political world with him? Or did he really truly think he was the best defense secretary we ever had? Hayes: Good question. There is no question that Cheney is filled with intense loyalty to Rumsfeld. After all, Rumsfeld was not only his political mentor (and later a good friend), he may have saved Cheney's career when the FBI raised concerns with President Ford about Cheney's two DUIs. But the two men were not always in lockstep on issues. Condoleezza Rice told me that Cheney and Rumsfeld disagreed on policy far more often than one might suspect reading news accounts of the administration. "They don't always see eye to eye on things," she said. "Not by any means."
Go read the whole thing.
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