Yesterday I pointed out that the lefty bloggers seem to regard Congressman Jerry McNerney as a weak-minded victim of General David Petraeus's 'Jedi Mind Trick'. Today it seems that Brian Baird was also seduced by the Dark Side:
It's becoming apparent that these people are being bombarded with such bad information, so many "experts" whose only expertise seems to be at abject failure, that they can't see the patently obvious any more. Watch the YouTube above. Baird's constituents are sputtering with rage as he sits there and rubs snake oil all over his head and says "see, really, it makes the hair grow, just like the guy said. You just watch."
Just a few months ago the left was enraged that George Bush stuck to the same plan in Iraq regardless of changing facts. Ultimately, of course, the lack of success in Iraq led him to switch commanders and plans, with positive results. Yet it's the left which now calls on their leaders in Congress to ignore the results and stick with the same plan--regardless of facts. More importantly, can Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid risk allowing General Petraeus to testify on the results of Operation Phantom Thunder in open session? How many simpletons are there among Congressional Democrats, who might be fooled as easily as McNerney and Baird?

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