I hated middle school, but if anything could have made it better...
Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force presented a "retired" J-6 jet fighter to a middle school in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality on Tuesday, to provide a real teaching tool for the school. The fighter plane will be used as prop for trainee pilots who are attending a pilot training base which lies in Ba County Middle School, Chongqing municipality, the Chongqing Economic Times reports. The 120 students in the pilot trainee program can get in touch with a real jet fighter in the future besides taking lessons. Many students didn't sleep well during night before the aircraft arrived as they were so excited. When they were informed the plane had been sent to school the next day, students rushed to the playground, and touched it. Some of them even climbed onto it after teachers approved it.
When the kids sit in the cockpit, do they pretend they're in a dogfight with an F-22, or strafing pro-democracy protesters? HT Alert 5
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