If you hadn't already noticed, Dean Barnett is now an official member of THE WEEKLY STANDARD team. He's already fired up a few pieces for THE DAILY STANDARD, including a just posted look at "the ridiculous saga of the 'attack' on Randi Rhodes":
THERE'S A GOOD CHANCE that if you read this magazine, you've never heard of left-wing radio talker Randi Rhodes. Consider yourself lucky. I used to listen to Randi Rhodes periodically when she had a show broadcast in South Florida. I considered her to be obnoxiousness personified, but then again, I doubt she's much of a fan of my work. Besides, people have some strange tastes. How else could one account for Michael Bolton's one-time popularity? In recent years, Rhodes took her act national when she boarded the broadcasting Hindenburg known as Air America. Because joining Air America is roughly tantamount to entering the witness protection program as far as achieving fame is concerned, Rhodes never did become the liberal Limbaugh that her ardent fans figured she would. But she does have ardent fans. While most of the American public has no idea who Randi Rhodes is, there are people on the left who hang on her every bile-drenched syllable.
Go read the the whole thing.
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