Surely one of the most important thing Republican primary voters are evaluating in these final days before they begin casting votes is a candidate's views on the size and scope of government. And on that subject, these voters will want to pay careful attention to the words of Mike Huckabee from Meet the Press this morning. Host Tim Russert pointed out that the Cato Institute had given Huckabee poor grades for his fiscal management of Arkansas during the time he was governor there and noted that Huckabee had raised taxes several times over the course of his tenure. Huckabee did not back down. He noted that he raised taxes and fees to pay for education and to improve roads and boasted of the results. And then he said something very un-conservative about the role of government today.
"That's what being a governor is all about," he said. It's about creating opportunities for the people of your state."
Is that what being president is all about? Creating opportunities--by raising taxes and increasing the size of government--for the people of your country?
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