We all know the news by now: Huckabee and Obama won the Iowa caucuses last night. Bloggers can analyze the outcome endlessly, but that doesn't mean you need to read all of it. In fact, Jack at Ace of Spades reminds us that horserace coverage can get a little silly. Here's some entertaining--yet smart--caucus commentary to make you laugh instead. The witty buzz about the caucus losers is abundant. Bryan Preston takes a few digs at Clinton, and I can't decide which makes me laugh more: his calling her "The Glacier" or his photo of her Iowa headquarters. Captain Ed also has interesting thoughts on the subject: "Hillary Clinton has run into a serious buzz saw on her way to the coronation. Not only did she not win the state, but she lost to the wrong candidate." Whoops. And Instapundit offers this analysis: "Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, John Edwards is the big loser. Not so much from the vote, but from the absolutely awful speech he's giving right now. I think he knows it's awful, too, as he's blinking about twice per second." Romney didn't do terribly, but he still lost, which is enough to get the witticisms rolling. Daniel Casse at Contentions wonders aloud: "Romney just told Chris Wallace of Fox News that 'this is the first inning of a 50-inning game?' Fifty innings? Is that some sort of cricket reference?" Is it? But it seems the Romney campaign doesn't need the bloggers to create wit for him, as Hotline's OnCall blog reports: "Romney spokesperson Kevin Madden: 'We're playing chess. Everybody else is playing checkers.'" Hmm…maybe that's your problem. On the winners, the liberal bloggers just can't hide their glee. Conservative bloggers are a little more wry. Over at the CAMPAIGN STANDARD, Continetti asks a very good question: "What do they put in the drinking water in Hope, Arkansas?" Again at Contentions, Casse also notes one thing Huckabee and Obama have in common. While Paul Mirengoff finds another common denominator (scroll to the bottom of his post). I've found a third common characteristic between Huckabee and Obama, via Instapundit. They don't seem to need this, do they?
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