Better looking than Cheney.
Nearly 10 months until the general election, bloggers are already buzzing about nominee-to-be John McCain's potential running mate. Our friends at the CAMPAIGN STANDARD have a lot to say. Fred Barnes notes some possibilities--including Mitt Romney--but tells Mike Huckabee supporters that they "shouldn't get their hopes up." Stephen Hayes suggests other running mates, and agrees with Fred that a McCain-Hucakbee ticket doesn't make sense. At Commentary, Abe Greenwald also dismisses the idea of a VP Huckabee. Ramesh Ponnuru and Lisa Schiffren have been debating the topic over at the Corner. The general thought is that McCain needs to choose a solid economic and/or social conservative. Slublog at Ace of Spades recommends Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Vodkapundit Stephen Green suggests "Fred Thompson, or any other principled federalist who understands there's a war on. This is a short list. Tom Coburn would make the cut, too. So would Duncan Hunter. I'm at a loss to think of another." The Confederate Yankee agrees that Thompson "would make an excellent Vice Presidential running mate for McCain, balancing McCain's fiery temper and RINO leanings with sound conservatism based upon Federalist principles." And at Townhall, Scott Ott makes the case for Thompson and even suggests Cabinet choices. Club For Growth president Pat Toomey opines in today's Wall Street Journal that McCain would be wise to choose a strong economic conservative like South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, Sen. Jim DeMint (SC), Rep. Mike Pence (IN), Phil Gramm, or Steve Forbes. At the Politico, however, Jonathan Martin says this is "wishful thinking." At the Real Clear Politics blog, Tom Bevan adds two more interesting suggestions to the veepstakes: "former Oklahoma Congressman JC Watts and current GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele. Both are young, qualified stars of the Republican party, well liked by conservatives and would offer the GOP a 'first' of its own by putting an African-American on a national ticket." Along those lines, Susan Davis at the WSJ Washington Wire blog reports on the movement to "draft" Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a movement that thinks "she can bring Bush supporters into the fold who may be wary of his one-time electoral foe. They also think she's the perfect antidote to either a Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama candidacy." How about a draft Jay Lefkowitz movement?
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