It'll never be the same again for the Hillary Clinton campaign. She is unlikely to recover. Everything has a tipping point, and in the Democratic race for president the ten day sweep that Barack Obama started on Saturday and is very likely to finish next Tuesday in Wisconsin is the final body blow the Clinton campaign will not recover from. It is not the simple fact that Obama has won a series of real states that is the crushing force grinding down the Clinton campaign. It is the powerful shockwave his string of victories is sending across the Democratic party. The message is clear and powerful: Obama is a winner. Clinton is a loser. Sure, there may be a final HRC win in TX or OH, but neither can deliver enough delegates in the Democrat's proportional system to stop Obama. Although it will take days and weeks to show, the unsinkable Hillary for President operation has succumbed to an iceberg of titanic dimensions. The signs are everywhere. Super delegates are rethinking their position. Staff is leaving the campaign. Donors are in a panic. The race has tipped.
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