There are increasing signs that the Democrats are getting ready to wage a good-old fashioned, big-government, tax-and-spend, centralized control, liberal campaign for president this year. The latest evidence comes in the form of a memo from Clinton friends James Carville and Stan Greenberg, arguing that Democrats can win this year by advocating a big tax increase:
According to the Democratic polling, when voters were asked whether they preferred all of Bush's tax cuts to be made permanent or only those aimed at the middle-class -- excluding those "for the wealthy and big business" -- those surveyed said they would prefer the latter by a wide margin... When given a choice between the Democratic argument -- raising taxes on CEOs and the very rich to pay for broad middle-class relief -- and the GOP argument -- raising taxes to pay for pet projects will hurt millions of individuals, investors and small businesses -- the Democratic argument won in a landslide even in GOP-held districts, the memo says.
You can read the full memo at the Democracy Corps site here. Carville and Greenberg are gaming the question of course. They claim to be testing the debate as it will be waged on the ground -- closing loopholes vs. rewarding the indolent wealthy. But Republicans won't attack that way; the debate will be whether we need the massive Rangel tax increase. Why didn't Carville & Greenberg test whether swing voters think taxes need to rise by $3.5 trillion? That's what the debate will be about. It's not just Carville and Greenberg. Rahm Emanuel -- the Democratic party's chief strategist in the House -- is calling for a new 'New Deal.' Michelle Obama says her husband will never allow you to live your life uninvolved, but will force you to be better. Obama himself wants to increase spending by nearly $300 billion annually. It's beginning to seem that Democrats have really convinced themselves that things have changed -- that Americans really want to dramatically increase the size and power of government. Conservatives should pray they don't come to their senses too soon. Most will happily pit the man who opposes expanded entitlements and pork-barrel projects against... well, the very caricature of a big-government liberal. That's a match we can win -- in a rout.
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