Samantha Power has resigned from her role as foreign policy adviser to the Obama campaign. Her offense:
"[Clinton] is a monster, too - that is off the record - she is stooping to anything," Ms Power said, hastily trying to withdraw her remark.
First off, tell us something we don't know. Second, take a look at what David Brooks writes today. Obama wanted to stay above the fray, but that's not how politics works. In a war (and this isn't a tea party) you become more like your enemy. The Obama campaign is itself becoming...monstrous. As well they should, it's the only chance they have. So why ditch Power for saying something that should never have been printed and for which she has already apologized? (And this is coming from the Scotsman after all...remember, Power's Irish.) Aside from some ill-advised comments on Israel, which my friend Noah Pollak has gone over extensively, Power wasn't all bad. She was and remains a hawk on Kosovo--the defining conflict of the Clinton years. And she is a realist on Iraq, in the sense that she has no intention of advising Obama to keep the ridiculous promises he's made of a withdrawal should he win the election. Obama should have given her a full-time job. Captain Ed agrees (shouldn't he be a major by now?), saying "Hillary has Obama clearly on the defensive. A few more weeks of this and Obama may not have many superdelegates left behind him." Obama's projecting weakness--not a good thing when you're in a knife-fight with the Clintons.
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