Theatre critic-turned-pundit Frank Rich of the New York Times recounts the story of Hillary Clinton's lie regarding Bosnia, asking the question that's been on the lips of all of her fans in the press:
Why would so smart a candidate play political Russian roulette with virtually all the bullet chambers loaded?
Let's see. Lies about Bosnia, Northern Ireland, where Chelsea was on 9/11, being a Yankees fan and even how she got her name . . . The legendary healthcare fiasco . . . Questionable investments . . . Not so subtle racism . . . Crying when votes don't go her way . . . Embarrassing herself by putting up with a husband that any other woman would have kicked to the curb eons ago . . . Assuming a presidential coronation, then staying on as the guillotine gets sharpened . . . Somebody help me here. Where did this "Hillary is so smart" meme get started?
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