From the Obama campaign:
With more than 56% of the results tallied from today's 284 Democratic district conventions across Texas, Senator Barack Obama currently is projected to earn a 38-29 pledged delegate win in the Texas caucuses, exactly as projected on the day after the March 4th precinct caucuses. The nine delegate margin in the caucuses means Obama will gain a net margin of five pledged delegates from Texas because Senator Clinton narrowly won the Texas primary by only four delegates, 65-61.
To which the Daily Kos frontpager BarbinMD reponds:
Now let's see how long it takes for the media to catch onto the fact that Obama won Texas.
Savor the flavor on that. He lost the popular vote--by 4 points!--but because of some bizarre and arcane electoral rules, he walks away with a win. How long will it take the media to catch on? Who knows. It's been more than seven years and the Kos Kids still can't wrap their heads around the fact that Bush won the 2000 election despite losing the popular vote. Apparently the result is more important than the process, or the ends justify the means, or something like that.
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