A new poll from Rasmussen on cap and trade:
As for the bill itself, 37% of all Americans at least somewhat favor it, while 41% are at least somewhat opposed to it. Twenty-two percent (22%) are not sure what to make of it. But there's more intensity on the "no" side: Only 12% strongly favor the measure, but more than twice as many (25%) strongly oppose it.
That's at least 41 percent of Americans (and probably more if that 22 percent of undecideds had any idea what cap and trade is) who are engaged in "treason against the planet," per Paul Krugman. And this gets to the crux of why cap and trade may end up being such a tremendous boon to Republicans. Not only do the American people oppose it by a healthy margin, but they are having it foisted on them by elites who smugly deride their opposition as treason to planet earth. If Krugman has a problem with opposition to cap and trade in Congress than he has a problem with democracy, because there is enough opposition to this bill among American voters that broad support for the measure in the House -- among those representatives who are meant to be closest to the people -- would represent a total failure of American democracy. Yet that seems to be the only outcome that Krugman would have deemed acceptable.
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