Jamie Kirchick has a piece at the Advocate titled "Liberals and Their Invisible Homophobia." This jumps out:
The liberal journalist Eric Alterman, a columnist for The Nation and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress think tank, is a particularly nasty example of the liberal homophobe. Two years ago he challenged gay, HIV-positive journalist Andrew Sullivan to prove a claim Sullivan had made about Alterman regarding military action in Afghanistan, offering to pay "$10,000 to the AIDS charity of Sullivan's choice." He mocked Sullivan, "who is HIV positive and likes to discuss this fact with reporters," for his "remodeled bathroom in P-town." Alterman regularly refers to Sullivan as "little Roy," after Roy Cohn, the gay aide to Sen. Joe McCarthy who died of AIDS complications.
Kirchick offers a litany of other examples, but this makes twice in one week that we've seen employees of the Center for American Progress pointed out as particularly unabashed in their gay bashing. Alterman hasn't deigned to respond to the charge, and neither has Spencer Ackerman, who earlier in the week referred to Kirchick as "twinkletoes" on his personal blog before intimating that he'd gotten his position at the New Republic through some form of gay prostitution. It's not often that I agree with Andrew Sullivan, but today he flags Ackerman's post as a "classic" case of liberal homophobia, which the Center for American Progress seems to tolerate without any concern at all. On the upside, given Ackerman's penchant for lashing out at his colleagues and berating his superiors in print, as he does yet again today in a very entertaining post, perhaps we will soon get a much better understanding of how decisions are made at CAP, if only through the eyes of a paranoid lefty with a martyr complex.
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