Daytime MSNBC anchor David Shuster apologizes to Joementum:
"Tamaran , an update now on a story we did earlier this week. On Monday we did a Hypocrisy Watch segment on Senator Joe Lieberman, his office points out that on some of the issues we mentioned Monday, there are no longer major differences between the Senator's current position and that of President Obama. We pointed out the statements the Senator made as recently as last summer, but his office notes that his stance for instance on dialogue with Iran is now similar to that of President Obama. There's no question Senator Lieberman's positions have evolved since last year when he campaigned for John McCain, however to suggest that Senator Lieberman is a hypocrite was harsh. A fair approach would have been to simply point out the evolution of his policies, and not attempt to characterize the Senator's motives; the Senator can speak for himself. In any case, we appreciate Senator Lieberman's office reaching out, and we renew the invitation we made on Monday: Senator Lieberman, you are always welcome to come on this show, and discuss your views on the issues of the day."
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