Lots of interesting data from the ABC News/Washington Post poll today. Read a summary of the top line findings here. The four-month trend in the question below is probably producing a Rolaids moment for Obama. The overall results are troubling enough. But I suspect the numbers are even worse among swing voters. Unfortunately the poll doesn't report results among independents. However, support for Obama dropped off almost immediately after inauguration day among Republicans. Democrats still strongly support the president. So lots of the movement in the chart below probably comes from independents growing disenchanted with Obama, a trend evident in a number of other polls like this and this. These Americans are growing increasingly frustrated with the gap between the president's moderate rhetoric and the liberal policies produced by Congress. Their concerns are manifested in results like this: Which of these statements comes closer to your view: (Beneath it all, Obama is an old-style, tax-and-spend Democrat) OR (Obama is a new-style Democrat who will be careful with the public's money).
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