"Must hate the Federal Reserve, neocons and the Trilateral Commission. Having your own tin foil hat a plus. Seeking strong man to envelop me in his protective arms once the coming race war erupts." $23 trillion. I know that story's from a couple of days ago, but it will be haunting us the rest of our lives, so I reiterate. Another one of those partisan Republican ideologues who just wants to kill the health care bill: "No one wants to tell the speaker that she's moving too fast and they damn sure don't want to tell the president," said...Charlie Rangel. Because a trillion-dollar health care reform boondoggle isn't enough of a monument to Ted Kennedy... "Too much too soon." Democrat Senator "baffled" by Obama's health care stance. Why? He's consistently said that reform will happen this year, and that it will reduce costs. That's all he has to do, right? National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance defends Obama's surgeon general pick. Ahmadinejad is not in the mood to listen to the ayatollah. Rep. Carnahan is really not telling the truth about health care reform costs.
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