Yesterday Hillary Clinton talked about the Obama administration's concerns over North Korean proliferation of nuclear technology to Burma. And yet today...she's talking about easing sanctions against the regime:
The release of Suu Kyi is "critical" to easing the strained relations between Burma and the United States. "If she were released, that would open up opportunities at least for my country to expand our relationship with Burma, including investments in Burma," Clinton told reporters while attending a regional security forum.
The Obama administration is in the middle of a "policy review" on Burma that has not been finished and yet Clinton is out making statements that are all over the map. The kicker is that the "elections" she is rushing to embrace will take place under the "constitution" that was "voted" on by the Burmese people in the days immediately following Cyclone Nargis, when upwards of 75,000 Burmese were killed, and guarantees the military total control over the government. So, at the end of the day, the US position will be that if they release Suu Kyi, the United States will allow for investments that would prop up this henious regime, which is possibly involved in proliferation, and insure military rule through support of a sham election. Also, apropos of the boss's post this morning, a foreign policy wonk emails:
No sooner did Clinton proclaim "We're back!" than she immediately reconfirmed any Asian concerns that the United States was still preoccupied with other parts of the world, especially the Middle East. Thus she chose to use her ASEAN stop to step on all ASEAN-related news by talking instead about the Iranian threat (and also, by the way, putting her foot in it on that issue, inadvertantly letting slip administration plans to live with an Iranian nuclear weapon through a deterrence strategy.) Never has a message been so quickly undermined by the messenger. (Any decent reporter would have pointed out this contradiction, but that is too much to expect from the NYT's Mark Landler, the best puppy-dog a secretary of state ever petted.)
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