At the White House press briefing today, I asked Press Secretary Robert Gibbs if President Obama will read the health-care bill:
TWS: At some point in the legislative process, will the president read the entire health-care bill? GIBBS: I assume the president will study the details of the proposal and will be--he's a highly informed individual. TWS: But he won't take the time to read it front to back at some point when this thing is firmed up? GIBBS: I don't know what his vacation plans are currently.
A few moments later, Gibbs asked me if I would read the bill. "Yeah, we can read it together," I replied. "Great, I'm right up the hall to the left," said Gibbs. I look forward to our health-care bill reading session. Mr. Gibbs is, of course, always welcome to come down to THE WEEKLY STANDARD's offices if that works better for him. Update: You can watch the exchange here at the 33-minute mark.
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