Hillary zings, Obama zaps. After watching this debate all I can think is that John McCain is the luckiest man in America. My take: Hillary probably made some Super-delegates a little more worried about Obama in the general. But to what end? Still hard to see how she ultimately prevails, and if she does manage a super-delegate coup the turmoil involved will ruin the Democratic party for the general election. My best guess -- and I've been spotty at making primary by primary predictions at best -- is that HRC indeed wins Pennsylvania but with a more narrow margin than expected, say by 3-4 points. No big bounce in that; in fact the media might label it a weaker than expected showing and focus on the near tie in new delegates won. Then Obama wins NC, and probably inches out a win in Indiana. And then it ends. Or Hillary crawls to a win in Indiana and the race limps on with even more snarky aggro amongst the D's. I say again; John McCain is the luckiest man in America.
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