Does this seem fishy to you? Over the weekend, Democratic Rep. David Scott of Atlanta yelled at one of his constituents, a urologist, who had the audacity to ask Scott about his support for Obamacare. Yesterday, CNN had a segment featuring Scott and the urologist, and Scott didn't come out looking too good.

Now, today, just when Rep. Scott could use a little sympathy from the public, we get a report that Scott has been a victim of a hate-crime--a swastika was spraypainted on a sign outside of his office.

In recent years self-inflicted hate crimes have come into vogue among certain citizens on the right and the left.

Of course sometimes "hate crimes" are real (for example, this spring a College Democrat desecrated crosses at George Washington University with graffiti and condoms). It's possible that a neo-Nazi actually vandalized Rep. Scott's offices. But given the fact that the Nazi imagery so neatly dovetails with the left's smearing of health-care protesters as fascists, isn't it more likely that this act of vandalism was committed by one of Scott's supporters?

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